Getting back into the saddle, as it were
The renewal premium for insurance reactivation went out today. Next thing is to arrange for servicing when I get back; I need a few things attended to.

It's going to be a bit strange to go back 'home' when home is going to be the van for a few months. It's both a bit scary and exciting. The house is sold, everything is in storage and really, there is no where else to go. That's the way I planned it.

So many people say that they dream about living in a van and traveling everywhere; better late than never.

Time is flying
Here we are, winter is starting to wane, and time to think about getting on the road again.

My flight is booked, the mortgage has been completely paid off and although I am not debt free, I am in much better shape than I was.

So, now I start on planning for the repairs and upgrades when I get back.


Before the winter checkup.
The noise in the front wheel well was back, there's a drip from something under the van so I took it in for a checkup and repair if need be and hoped like hell it wasn't going to be too expensive. Also, since it's going into storage too, I wanted a list of upcoming repairs.

Well, in the end, I paid for the checkup and nothing had to be done right away, it can wait until the spring.

So, into storage they go and we will worry about it next year.

The weather wasn't much...
But it's the people that make it, right

Camped a couple days with MYF, we did have a whole afternoon of sun so it wasn't too bad. The campground is really nice; the 'seasonals' really do their sites up to make them very personal. The money they put into the is amazing, as much as in a regular home and they have regular homes besides that since the camp is only open for 5 months.

The camp is LGBT friendly basically and has a nice 'safe' feel to it. There are all the conveniences you could want up at the main building, hit showers laundry, heated pool, restaurant on the weekends, a bit of a grocery, and planned events during the week. I brought a couple boxes of books to add to the library. The sites the selves are unserviced. Pretty much everyone is heavily into solar which is nice.

The fee for 5 moths is the most reasonable of all the sites I looked into so it's a possible. Not as cheap as free though.

It's a possibility though.

Yeah, I can be a bit anal...
...particularly about big decisions. I'll think about it, investigate from all sorts of angles for forever and then just 'do it' or not. Everyone thinks it's quickie decision but it's not.

Like thinking about moving up to the city. Vehicles have provided a bit problem, not only finding storage/parking for 2 vehicles in the city but the cost of insurance will double. Yes, double. This little town is higher than the towns around us and the city is double that. I am also thinking about how desirable an 84 vanagon in pretty decent shape might be as a stolen vehicle, it would get parted out pretty quickly and easily.

So, insurance and storage could easily add 1-200 a month to expenses. Hmmm.

Finally, a name I can live with
Mojo, that's her name; I'm going to see if I can find sticky letters to put that on the front driver's side . 'My Mojo' Yes.

The trip to the bank went very well; I should have done that months ago.

Had a nice lunch with MYF.

'Penciled in a few plans for next month; looking forward to that.

It's a slow summer, I know. Almost over.

Too Damn Hot
So much for best laid plans. MYF and I agree, it's too hot to be outside if you don't have to be outside.

So, 3 days of camping became 3 home days. I don't mind. Too damn hot.

A bit cooler tomorrow. Out to Backus again. Lots of shade and breeze. I get to meet the public a little, share some knowledge about clothing during the early 1800's. It's cool.

Ready to rest for a bit
It's been a busy few days. The original intention was to do a little visiting and generally just mope around.

I ended up having to go see a friend about some issues, then a day of relaxing unexpectedly turned into a day of dying fleece with the guild. Was that ever interesting. The variety of colors is amazing and all natural dyes. It's way more work and mess than I am willing to do for myself though. These ladies are truly dedicated.

The next day I went out to a friend's cottage to camp overnight. It's out in Long Point, one of my favourite places on this earth.Got eaten alive, mosquito bites everywhere. Looks like I have a rash. Had to spray the camper before I dared go to sleep for the night. Food was fantastic though and it was handy that I had three pie irons in the camper. Six adults, 8 kids under 15. Now I understand why people would cringe a bit when our family descended. They were great kids though.

Barely had time to get squared away when Saturday arrived and I went out to Backus to help at the shop. It was great. I think I will take the hand crank Singer next time. It was a relaxing afternoon.

Gas gauge went wa-ay into and past the red zone; called CAA and then realized that I was using the key ring without the gas tank key so ended up trying to get home. Made it. I swear on fumes. Guess who is going to keep a spare key in the van from now on. I really should get a jerry can too.

Seems like go-go-go- in a good way

Busy Westy Week coming up
Had supper with MYF last night after my swim. We ended up with Swiss Chalet supper for me and DQ for her for supper since she had had SC a few hours earlier with another friend; sat in her van and ate our respective meals and yakked for about 3 hours.

If the weather is good next week, I will go up to the campsite for a few days, stay say, Tues and Wed nights. There is a pool, and although it's unserviced, we have the Westies and there is a campfire.

This week, I'm heading out to Long Point overnight Thurs. to visit people renting a cottage there. Then I will boondock Fri night so I can be early at Backus for another day at the shop. The this time I will be bringing my hand-crank-table top singer sewing machine with me to do some sewing. Theme of the day is Travels in Time so although the sewing machine is a little out of time for 1812, it fits with the general theme.

Should be a nice time.

Long hot smmer begins
This weekend is the first really hot, sunny, completely rain-free weekend that we've had for awhile. Backus Mills had their Pioneer Day so I went down to spend some time in the Spinners and Weavers Shoppe.

A lot of the road to the conservation area is pretty wide open in fact they could probably do a few 'measured miles' for part of it. All the roads do is connect little towns and villages with 60 kmh speed zones together and anyone on those roads is not likely going very far. Find Backus on any map. Middle of nowhere Anyway as we locals know, it prime area for the cops and their speed traps.

Enter the tourist. In the 'measured mile' zone which stretches for some 10-15 km, I saw three cruisers stopped with 3 vehicles pulled over on my way TO the Mills and 3 pulled over on my way home. Too fucking bad.

All the cars stopped were new, modern, windows all up so they had A/C. What's the big rush people. There is nothing down in this area to rush to, people. Just sand and water and a few ducks and fish. Give it a fucking rest. Slow down.

As I left the conservation area, I stopped for some gas. Attendant comes out, he's about my age, full well kept beard, greying a bit etc, etc, As I am fiddling with my change, he says through the windows,''She says I can do the hippie van.'' Ha. Nice conversation folluws.

We love our vans.


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