Wil'swestywandering (westywandering) wrote,

Long hot smmer begins

This weekend is the first really hot, sunny, completely rain-free weekend that we've had for awhile. Backus Mills http://www.lprca.on.ca/pages/1357673545/Events-Calendar had their Pioneer Day so I went down to spend some time in the Spinners and Weavers Shoppe.

A lot of the road to the conservation area is pretty wide open in fact they could probably do a few 'measured miles' for part of it. All the roads do is connect little towns and villages with 60 kmh speed zones together and anyone on those roads is not likely going very far. Find Backus on any map. Middle of nowhere Anyway as we locals know, it prime area for the cops and their speed traps.

Enter the tourist. In the 'measured mile' zone which stretches for some 10-15 km, I saw three cruisers stopped with 3 vehicles pulled over on my way TO the Mills and 3 pulled over on my way home. Too fucking bad.

All the cars stopped were new, modern, windows all up so they had A/C. What's the big rush people. There is nothing down in this area to rush to, people. Just sand and water and a few ducks and fish. Give it a fucking rest. Slow down.

As I left the conservation area, I stopped for some gas. Attendant comes out, he's about my age, full well kept beard, greying a bit etc, etc, As I am fiddling with my change, he says through the windows,''She says I can do the hippie van.'' Ha. Nice conversation folluws.

We love our vans.
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