Wil'swestywandering (westywandering) wrote,

Busy Westy Week coming up

Had supper with MYF last night after my swim. We ended up with Swiss Chalet supper for me and DQ for her for supper since she had had SC a few hours earlier with another friend; sat in her van and ate our respective meals and yakked for about 3 hours.

If the weather is good next week, I will go up to the campsite for a few days, stay say, Tues and Wed nights. There is a pool, and although it's unserviced, we have the Westies and there is a campfire.

This week, I'm heading out to Long Point overnight Thurs. to visit people renting a cottage there. Then I will boondock Fri night so I can be early at Backus for another day at the shop. The this time I will be bringing my hand-crank-table top singer sewing machine with me to do some sewing. Theme of the day is Travels in Time so although the sewing machine is a little out of time for 1812, it fits with the general theme.

Should be a nice time.
Tags: backus mills, camping, long point, re-enacting, westy
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