Wil'swestywandering (westywandering) wrote,

Ready to rest for a bit

It's been a busy few days. The original intention was to do a little visiting and generally just mope around.

I ended up having to go see a friend about some issues, then a day of relaxing unexpectedly turned into a day of dying fleece with the guild. Was that ever interesting. The variety of colors is amazing and all natural dyes. It's way more work and mess than I am willing to do for myself though. These ladies are truly dedicated.

The next day I went out to a friend's cottage to camp overnight. It's out in Long Point, one of my favourite places on this earth.Got eaten alive, mosquito bites everywhere. Looks like I have a rash. Had to spray the camper before I dared go to sleep for the night. Food was fantastic though and it was handy that I had three pie irons in the camper. Six adults, 8 kids under 15. Now I understand why people would cringe a bit when our family descended. They were great kids though.

Barely had time to get squared away when Saturday arrived and I went out to Backus to help at the shop. It was great. I think I will take the hand crank Singer next time. It was a relaxing afternoon.

Gas gauge went wa-ay into and past the red zone; called CAA and then realized that I was using the key ring without the gas tank key so ended up trying to get home. Made it. I swear on fumes. Guess who is going to keep a spare key in the van from now on. I really should get a jerry can too.

Seems like go-go-go- in a good way
Tags: backus mills, singer, westy
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