Wil'swestywandering (westywandering) wrote,

Yeah, I can be a bit anal...

...particularly about big decisions. I'll think about it, investigate from all sorts of angles for forever and then just 'do it' or not. Everyone thinks it's quickie decision but it's not.

Like thinking about moving up to the city. Vehicles have provided a bit problem, not only finding storage/parking for 2 vehicles in the city but the cost of insurance will double. Yes, double. This little town is higher than the towns around us and the city is double that. I am also thinking about how desirable an 84 vanagon in pretty decent shape might be as a stolen vehicle, it would get parted out pretty quickly and easily.

So, insurance and storage could easily add 1-200 a month to expenses. Hmmm.
Tags: vanagon, vw, westfalia, westy
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