Wil'swestywandering (westywandering) wrote,

The weather wasn't much...

But it's the people that make it, right

Camped a couple days with MYF, we did have a whole afternoon of sun so it wasn't too bad. The campground is really nice; the 'seasonals' really do their sites up to make them very personal. The money they put into the is amazing, as much as in a regular home and they have regular homes besides that since the camp is only open for 5 months.

The camp is LGBT friendly basically and has a nice 'safe' feel to it. There are all the conveniences you could want up at the main building, hit showers laundry, heated pool, restaurant on the weekends, a bit of a grocery, and planned events during the week. I brought a couple boxes of books to add to the library. The sites the selves are unserviced. Pretty much everyone is heavily into solar which is nice.

The fee for 5 moths is the most reasonable of all the sites I looked into so it's a possible. Not as cheap as free though.

It's a possibility though.
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